Venue:  Central Library + Mahtay Cafe
Time: Saturday 10am-12pm (Central Library); Saturday 11am-1pm (Mahtay Cafe)
Category:  Interactive + Workshops, Family Friendly
City of Origin:  West Lincoln
Price:  FREE


Make your own Sunflower Seed Bomb and help cover the Niagara Region in beautiful bee-friendly Sunflowers!


Small Scale Farms offers audiences of In the Soil Arts Festival the opportunity to make your very own sunflower seed bombs.

Seed bombs are golf ball sized clay soil packets studded with heirloom sunflower seeds. They are designed for throwing into green or brown spaces left to the powers of nature. Rain, sun and wind dissolve the clay and germinate the sunflower seeds in place.

Small Scale Farms grows and distributes healthy food—a sustainable system that improves local economy and access to affordable produce.

Small Scale Farms was founded in 2017 as a social enterprise focused on local food distribution, community collaboration, and sustainable farming practices. It grew out of the Niagara Farm Project, a non-profit organization established by Renee Delaney to fill the noticeable gaps within the existing food distribution system. Small Scale Farms promotes a new way of looking at food: as a currency that provides purchasing power within an equitable, collaborative economy that runs parallel to the existing system. Small Scale Farms is a network of farmers, food suppliers, workers and volunteers collaborating to improve life and increase community wellbeing within the Niagara region and beyond.

Join Small Scale Farms on Tuesday 1 May to scatter Sunflower Seeds across the Niagara Region.


Brandy Pirko Beekeeper
Grant Lauzon Mushrooms
Emily Brenner Mushrooms