Venue:  Festival Hub Stage
Time: Sunday 3pm
Category:  Theatre + Comedy
City of Origin:  Hamilton
Price:  Free


1920’s Rock & Roll & Ragtime


The roaring tunes from the 1920’s band, The Vaudevillian make you get off your doggone caboose & do the lindy hop! The old fashioned gentleman, Jitterbug James, the mouthy Norah Spades & the Southerner Piedmont Johnson bring you dancing numbers from the prohibition period! Thank goodness PROHIBITION IS OVER! Get ready to shine your shoes to do the skoodle um skoo!

We’ve toured as far as Denmark, all over the States and across Canada playing festivals! We won 2013 & 2014 Best Roots Album of the Year for the Hamilton Music Awards.

“The Vaudevillian makes ya blush & dance till your feet hurt!”


Norah Spades- Washboard
Jitterbug James- Guitar
Piedmont Johnson- Upright Bass