Venue:  Silver Spire United Church
Time: Friday 8pm-10pm; Saturday 2:30pm-4:30pm, 10pm-12am; Sunday 5pm-7pm
Category:  Rhizomes
City of OriginToronto
Price:  $20 or Festival Pass


Therapy Font combines generative and improvisational electronic musical performance with an immersive, user-piloted video game experience.


Therapy Font has brought their at turns woozy, ambient and dancey experimental electronic music to marginal art spaces, events and venues through-out Ontario. The group illustrates John Cage’s dictum that anything boring attended to long enough ceases being boring at all.

The work is fundamentally a formal experiment, probing and pushing the limits of song structure to learn how meaning and feeling evolve from the associations of a given sample alongside tone, timbre, pitch, interval and repetition. This meaning and feeling is developed further by the virtual space of the game populated by uncanny objects and surreal landscapes, suggestive of the alluring superficiality of CGI design, consumerism, and the marginalia of late-capitalism.


Ben McCarthy (expert failure) is a sound artist and composer from Toronto, Canada. Exploring class, gender, and the artist’s complicity with systems of power, McCarthy works fragments of field recording and found sound into music that slips in and out of generic idiom. McCarthy teaches about art and labour at George Brown College.

Jonathan Carroll (good boy) is an animator, programmer and game designer. With TGM, Jonathan creates software to facilitate interaction between the audience and the collective’s performances and narratives. Past venues where that work has been presented include the AGO and the Power Plant; most recently he contributed to Trinity Square Video’s V/ART, a virtual reality art gallery application that Jonathan helped develop, in addition to designing the TGM VR Guided Meditation that was part of the app.

Cale Weir (MCM aesthetician) is a multimedia artist and libra living in Toronto, Ontario. Research practices include living a double life as a punk and computer musician.